Day 151 – My Four-Legged Family Members

Fur Babies

Today (Day 151), is starting off to be a MUCH better day!  The pain in my jaw is much more tolerable.  It still hurts but nothing like it did yesterday.

So far this morning I have accomplished not a damn thing.  I am enjoying these last couple of F.O. days.  (F.O. = Fucking Off)  I am one of those people who has to start things on a specific day.  It is one of my quirks.  Sunday is my preferred start day. Therefore, I have two days left of being a slug.  I shall savor them!

Yesterday, Number One Son left to start the next chapter of his Marine Corps career.  After he left, I went in and cleaned the boys’ bathroom.  (Number One Son and Number Two Son share a bathroom . . . I think they are called a Jack-and-Jill Bathroom.)   As I was cleaning, I noticed there was an empty paper toilet roll on the spindle-thingy and the full roll of paper toilet on the vanity (the tub, toilet and sink are VERYCLOSE).  What the hell?!  Both of my sons do this.  I would like to know why it appears to be so difficult to change the rolls.

Seriously.  How hard is it to take the empty roll off, put it in the trash can, which just so happens to be in the teeny tiny space between the toilet and the sink, and put the full roll on?!  It takes, what?  MAYBE 10 seconds, if that!  UGH!

And then there is MissTer . . .


MissTer is a very strange cat.  This kitty loves to eat plastic!  I had the small plastic bag that had the stuff I brought home from the dentist’s office sitting on the counter.  I went to put it away yesterday and discovered teeth marks in it!  This is not the first time MissTer has left his mark, either!

Here is another strange fact about MissTer:  He does not cover his pooh the way normal kitties do.  Instead, he will scrape the sides of the litter box or the wall or anything BUT the cat litter.

Mittens has her own quirks . . .


For whatever reason, she licks my hair.  I remember the first time she did it.  I was sitting on the couch.  I knew she was walking along the back of the couch and didn’t think anything of it.  Next thing I know, I feel something in my hair.  At first, I thought it was a bug.  When Mittens jumped at the same time I did, I figured out it was her.  Anyway, she was licking my hair!  She did it last night as I was at that plateau just before dropping off into a deep sleep.

Oh My Honey-Girl . . .

IMG_7406.JPG She is very much a MoMma’s girl.  She has to be wherever I am.  If another animal is receiving attention from me, she has to wedge herself in between.  She is such a jealous girl!  When we are out on our walks (or even in the backyard), she has to find “just the right spot” in which to do her business.  There is a lot of stop and go along the way with her!

My Milo Butterball . . .


He is such an amazingly gentle soul!  Although, I do believe he needs glasses.  He will bark at random things . . . Like wheelbarrows!  He is so vicious, too!  He will bark and then run and hide behind me.  Regardless, he melts my heart!

With my fur babies, I am completely comfortable.  I feel free to be myself . . . That I do not have to put on my ‘public persona.’  I know they love and accept me as I am.  They do not care if I am fat.  They do not care if I have the Medusa-look happening.  The only thing they care about is me loving them as much in return.  Oh, and maybe, feeding them . . . And giving them treats . . . And taking them for walks or car rides.

Honey, Milo, Mittens and MissTer calm me and send me to my happy place . . . Always Believe


4 thoughts on “Day 151 – My Four-Legged Family Members

  1. Your fur babies are SO cute !! 😍 I’m the same way about starting things on particular days , too. And why can’t the military do their magic with the toilet paper thing ?! I started my F.O . day a half day early this week. Lol SO over it.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you! I know, right! I would have thought with both sons being Marines, they would have figured out how to replace the empty roll with a full one . . . And not leave it on the bloody counter! LOL

      ❤ ❤


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