Day 9 (But Really Day 151) – 10 People Who Have Influenced Me

Sunny Day

Day 9 of the 30 Day Blog Challenge:  List 10 people who have influenced you and describe how.

  1. My Mom.  I have been blessed to have a mom who loves me unconditionally and shows it in her actions.  She has been my rock and the light during some of the most trying times of my life.
  2. My Grandmother.  My Mom’s Mom.  She is who taught my mom about unconditional love and she is who my mother got her strength from.
  3. My Father.  When he abandoned the family, he did us a huge favor.  I would not be the person I am today had he stuck around.
  4. Mr. Potato Head.  He taught me about an even darker side of human nature . . . that of an abuser.  Because of his abuse, I learned what I did not want in a man.  Because of his abuse, I am able to empathize and help others who are or were in an abusive relationship.  I am a survivor.
  5. Captain Rivera.  He taught me not all officers are douche bags and assholes.
  6. Mr. I-Do-Not-Have-Children-To-Pass-My-Legacy-On-To.  Before he turned into a major ass-hat, he showed me men can be loving, caring and nurturing.  He allowed me to let my guard down by being gentle and kind.
  7. My Daughter.  From the moment I discovered I was pregnant with her, I learned what a parent’s unconditional love is all about.
  8. Number One Son.  I learned patience from him.  He is one of the most patient people I know . . . most of the time.
  9. Number Two Son. He taught me to be prepared and expect the unexpected.  One never knows what Life has up her sleeve.
  10. My Husband.  My husband has shown me time and time again that real men do exist.  He took on three children not of his blood, raised them as his own and loves them unconditionally.

When Life Gives You Lemons


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