Day 11 (But Really Day 153) – 10 Pet Peeves

pet peeves

  1. People who do not capitalize the M in Marine when referring to a United States Marine or the Marine Corps.
  2. People who fail to use their turn signal/directional/blinker.
  3. People who drive slow in the fast lane.
  4. People who chew with their damn mouths open.
  5. People who leave the clothes they tried on on the fitting room floor or those who rifle through clothes on racks and shelves and leave them all askew.
  6. Parents who cannot seem to cut the damn umbilical cord.
  7. People who do not clean up after their dogs in public places.
  8. People who think the world owes time and they do not have to work for anything.
  9. People who drive after drinking alcohol or partake in illegal substances.
  10. Rude, pushy people.

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