Day 12 (But Really Day 154) – Describe a Typical Day

Typical Day

When I wake up, I pop my Tylenol Arthritis Strength and Zyrtec.  I let the pups out to take care of business.  When they come in, I give Honey her glucosamine and then both Honey and Milo get a slice of cheese.

After the meds have kicked in, the pups and I go for a walk.  When we come home, they brush their teeth (with Dentastix).

Then I run the vacuum, dust, and do dishes (if I have any).  Around 1315ish, I hop in the shower to get ready for work.

I go into the office for an hour and a half to two hours.  On my “lunch hour” I come home to finish out my shift.  (The benefit of information technology.)

After work, I watch the news and then try to go to sleep.


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