Days 153 – 158 – OK . . . Not Quite Back To Normal Yet

When I Told You I Was Normal

On Saturday (Day 153), the hubby and I went to the 50th Birthday Party of one of my childhood friends.  He and I got married under this big old tree in the Second Grade.  We never divorced, only went our separate ways.  I married someone else at 19, divorced at JUSTTHISSHY of 27, and remarried at JUSTTHISCLOSE to 32.  At 25, he entered a committed relationship with one of my sister’s childhood best friends.  I was honored and privileged to be at their official commitment ceremony in 2014.  Thankfully, our husbands are very understanding!  LOL

D and G live in the middle of nowhere, about an hour and twenty minutes from my house.  (Horrendous cell service!)  When the hubby and I arrived, there were only about five other people there.  The guys were running behind because they had a wedding and a graduation party they had catered to (which were both planned before the party).  So when we got there, they were still in the process of setting up.  The hubby helped G set up tents outside and I got to go inside to help D make sausage.

D makes his own sausage from scratch. I got to help him stuff his sausage.  Well . . . I turned the crank while he stuffed away.  Because it was so bloody hot outside, the hubby came inside and watched as we stuffed the sausage.  We (the hubby and I) are easily amused.  This kept us entertained for hours!  LOL

On Sunday (Day 154), I was a slug.  I spent the entire day reading Book 1 of one of my favorite, smutty historical romance novels, “The Chief” by Monica McCarty.  I am re-reading the series again.  I try to see if there is anything I missed during the first several read-throughs.

On Monday (Day 155), I finally broke down and called the dentist’s office.  I was told to come in on Tuesday morning (Day 156) at 0720 since I had to be to work at 1300 and they were short staffed.  I swear.  I would much rather give birth to 20 ten pound babies than to deal with this jaw pain!

On Tuesday (Day 156), I got my happy behind up at the ridiculous hour of 0600 and got ready to go to the dentist’s office.  He looked and said it did not look like I had dry socket but was going to treat it as such anyway.  They way it is treated is to pack it with a tiny piece of gauze which has been soaked in this God-awful, foul tasting medicine.  For all the hideousness of it, it actually takes the pain away almost instantaneously!  I may have wanted to puke, but it sure as hell was worth it to have the pain in my jaw taken away!

On Wednesday (Day 157), I had my mani-pedi.  This meant I had to get up at the butt crack of dawn again since the appointment was at 0800.  Working second shift does not make it easy for me to get up before 0900 anymore.  I am finding I prefer my sleep.

The poor pups have not been walked except for one day this week.  I feel horrible.  It has been ridiculously hot and humid these past several days.  Rain has been thrown into the mix.  When we do walk, it is for shorter distances since I am making sure they do not get overheated.

I had to go back to the dentist this morning.  They repacked it but the packing did not stay.  I had a different hygienist this morning.  She did not soak the medicine  or pack the gauze nearly as well as my hygienist on Tuesday did.  I am contemplating going back to his office before work.  I don’t know, though.  I will probably just tough it out.

I have noticed an increase in the multi-level marketing (pyramid) schemes for diet/nutrition/energy products.  They all seem to have the same messages.  They all seem to have extremely similar products.  They are all starting to get on my nerves.  (I would love nothing more than to call them out, but I do not want to feed into their hype.)

I have had other things I wanted to talk about but, for the life of me, cannot remember them.  It is what happens when I fail to write that shit down!

My food is getting back on track.  I went to the grocery store Monday after work.  On Tuesday, I prepared my lunches and dinners for the rest of the work week.  The weekends always seem to fall off track.  So, I am no longer going to stress about them.

I shall continue to make little changes again.  I have not completely given up.  I still have my mini-goals.  If I keep taking Baby Steps and doing things One Day At A Time, I will achieve them.

My positive for the day:

Decide What You Want Believe You Can


2 thoughts on “Days 153 – 158 – OK . . . Not Quite Back To Normal Yet

  1. Hagaha I love your post ❤ specially when you say that your huaband and you are easily amused hahahha so cute… BUT I have to tell you: BE CAREFUL OF WHAT YOU SAY CAUSE IF IT HAPPENS… 20 ten pounds babies? Really? I just wish the univerwe was not listenning to you cause I’m sure you’ll pray for that jaw pain back hahahaha 😊
    Your very first marriage is so sweet 💝. I hope the party was beautiful…

    Liked by 1 person

    • LOL My baby-making days are LONG since over! The pain of delivering babies fades from memory (at least for me). The other pains of my body have not! Hence me saying I’d rather birth 20 ten pound babies! 😀

      Alas, we did not have a party for the first marriage. 😦 Hahahaha

      ❤ ❤

      Liked by 1 person

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