Day 162 – The Day of the Frontline Wind and Rain Storm

Today (Day 162) found a nice and brief storm blow through. We had frontline winds of around 60+ miles an hour.   When I came home during my lunch half hour, I discovered no power in the house and part of the tree in my front yard down.  Thankfully, it did not hit the house.  

Here are some more shots:

I left work at 2300. My office building is across the street from a Walmart. It was pitch black.  It was not the only place without power.  Talk about a spooky feeling!  If it were not for the fact there were other people out on the road, I would have thought I had entered the Zombie Apocalypse!

There are close to 10,0000 businesses and homes without power.  It could be up to a week before it is restored.  Yep. I sitting here typing this up on my itty bitty phone in the dark. I told my husband I think our next big purchase is going to be a generator.  I cannot do a week without power!  
The only real concern I have at the moment is the refrigerator and freezer. As it stands right now, I have no need to open either.  I have bottled water and plenty of stuff to eat that does not require the stove, microwave or me to open the fridge or freezer.  

I will not be able to flush the toilets because the pump runs on electricity.  I will not be able to shower.  These next few days are going to be rough!   

The good thing is the humidity has dropped tremendously.  It’s a little stuffy in the house but with the windows open, it’s actually not too bad. I have the crickets chirping right outside the Windows and my neighbor’s generator making a whole hell of a lot of racket!  LOL

Here is my positive for the day:


6 thoughts on “Day 162 – The Day of the Frontline Wind and Rain Storm

    • Thank you! I am, too! My pups hang out on the couch and love seat in the front room/living room. Honey sits and looks out the window all day. It would have landed right there if it had been longer! 😳



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