Day 22 (But Really Day 164) – Where Do You See Yourself?

Where Do You See Yourself

Where do you see yourself i 5 years?  In 10 years?  In 15 years?

This question is hard for me.  In the past, when I have made plans, they fell through and everything turned to shit.

I eventually want to move back to the desert.  Two things are sort of holding me back . . . My MoM and my job.

My mom is 70 and not getting any younger.  At the same time, my in-laws are in their mid-80s and not in the best of the health.  They live in the desert.

My job because a position has not yet been created out west.  Currently, all the positions for my department are local.

If at all possible, I want to retire from my company.  I love where I work and most of the people I work with.  (I can’t say all because some are not so pleasant to work with.)  I love what I do.  So if I can retire, this would take me well past the 10 and 15 year mark.

I try not to think too far ahead mostly because I know tomorrow is never guaranteed.  For me, it is important to live and love in the here and now.


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