Days 163 and 164 – The Aftermath of the Frontline Winds and the Expectation of Potentially Worse Storm

Crushed Car from Storm Damage of 20 June 2016
Just some of the damage around the area.

I woke up on Tuesday morning (Day 163).  I sat down and wrote whatever came to my mind from a strange-as-hell-dream I had.  This is what I wrote:

I am in a building.  It has multiple stories.  I am with some people.  We are making our way floor to floor.  There are not-so-nice guys.  They have guns.  We get to the top floor.  It has a kitchenette area.  The stove does not work.  The refrigerator door is on and closed.  The group of people I am with begin to vanish.  It’s like, POOF, they’re just gone.  The females on the floor learn of some babies at some hospital needing assistance.  One of them is a friend of mine.  I did notice another female.  She was using crutches or a cane (that part is not too clear).  Shortly after they left, I started coughing.  At first, the cough was soft and sounded almost like a seal bark (croup-y sounding cough).  The longer it went on, the more it began to sound like a cat trying to cough up a fur ball. 

The dream ended when whatever was lodged became dislodged.  I have no idea if I was coughing in Real Life or not.

I have no idea what to make of the dream, either.  The one thing I do know is that it was very strange.

Yesterday’s storm knocked my power out for almost 30 hours.  The power outage was widespread.  There is the probability power will be out for several days for some people.  The sounds of chainsaws and generators were filling the air.

I walked over to my neighbor’s house to see how much damage she sustained.  The poor evergreen in her front yard had been blown over.  This poor tree had the same thing happen to it during a really bad storm six years ago.  We were able to get it upright and save it.  We are hoping to do so again.

Sherry's Storm Damage 1 - Monday, 20 June 2016

The worst of the damage is to her backyard.  Her 120-year-old tree is partially down.  As a fact, she has a few of them down . . .

She has a generator.  So she is able to power her two upright freezers, refrigerator, and seawater aquarium.

My sister who lives one mile north of me has no power but has water.  She has township water which means she does not have a well pump (which runs on electricity).  Her water heater is gas (mine is electric).

Her neighborhood is a mess . . .Worse than mine.  Trees are down all over the streets. Power lines are down because of the trees.  There are huge trees blocking off entire streets.  Here is a picture of a tree on the north end of her block:

She is still without power.  Mine came on at around 1754 last night.

I am a pack rat.  I save all kinds of things.  I never know what I may need or when.  Because my power was out for almost 30 hours, it meant I could not run water in my house.  I have well water.  It requires a pump.  The pump requires electricity.  If I were to flush my toilet, I would drain the pump.  If the pump is completely drained, I would more than likely burn up the motor when it started back up.  So anyway . . .

I needed a way to flush my toilet.  I was trying to figure out what I was going to use, when I remembered I saved these:


I drove up to my sister’s house and filled those bad boys up!  I ended up emptying one but have since filled it back up.  I am making sure I am prepared in case we get hit again!  I do not want to go by “if it’s yellow, let it mellow; if it’s brown, flush it down“!

I have discovered a couple more pet peeves:

  • People panicking every time they hear potential for bad weather;
  • People expecting meteorologists to be able to pinpoint exact locations where AND when inclement weather will hit.

I’m disappointed with myself.  I did not vacuum or do the dishes before going to work yesterday.  Granted, I couldn’t because I did not have power at the time.  However, I should have gotten that stuff accomplished before heading out to work on Monday.  Yesterday, after the power came on, my friend and his wife had gone over to my house to move the limb off to the side and away from my front door.  They had gone inside to close my windows for me (I had left them open because there was a nice cross-breeze going through the house) since I had my air conditioning on.  (I just figured I would be cooling the outside until I got home from work.  LOL)  I really do not like for people to come over if my house is messy.  It does not matter if it is family or who it is!

I exercised on Monday.  Tuesday was an official “Rest Day” according to my rotation.  Today I was supposed to Cardio Sculpt.  Instead of that, I cut the front yard:

Grass Cutting of 22 June 2016

So, I did at least get some exercise in.

When I was finished and was heading into house, I noticed something.  The storm tore limbs from trees, knocked over telephone poles, and  knocked down huge trees, but yet, the only thing moved from its original position was the almost empty container of windshield wiper fluid:


I am not even going to discus my eating.  I will just leave it at it has been not-so-great.  OK.  It has been HIDEOUS. Tomorrow is only two hours away.  🙂

Suffice it to say, these past couple of days have been . . . interesting.

Here is my positive for today:

Life is About Balance


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