Day 24 (But Really Day 166) – Describe Your Family Dynamic

Family Dynamics

Describe your family dynamic of your childhood vs your family dynamic now.

For the first part of my childhood (up to age 10), my father was a part of my life.  Both he and my mom worked outside of the home.  Mom was the disciplinarian.  However, Dad’s word was law.

Between the ages of 10 – 12, my father started to disappear from my life.  He was a truck driver.  In July 1978, he chose to remove himself completely.  I was 12.

My mom was thrust into the single parent role in the harshest of ways.  Not only did she have to contend with her own emotions and mental well-being, she had to deal with five angry, bitter, hurt and confused children.  But contend with it she did.

After my father abandoned ship, the troops rallied around the general (Mom).  My siblings and I were a very close, tight-knit group.  Sure, there was a lot of fighting amongst ourselves, but let someone else try to hurt one of us . . . There was hell to pay!

We remained close and tight-knit until 2001.  It was the year my father returned.   Our children were growing and our lives became ‘busy.’  We did not – and do not – talk as much as we used to.  However, if something happens, we still circle the wagons and are most definitely there for each other.

I see similarities in my own children.  Although, they are not as close as my siblings and I were, they are still there for each other and that is all that matters.

My mom is still the glue that holds the family together.


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