Day 200 . . . And Days 165 – 266 – Life Keeps Moving Forward No Matter What (This Particular Blog is Proof of That!)

Life really does keep moving forward and changing . . . evolving.

Well, I actually started this on Day 173 but life interrupted me mid-thought, sorta.  I got wrapped up in what was going on that I halted in my blogging.  I not only fell off the Eating Healthfully and Exercising Wagon, I fell off the Blogging (Almost) Daily Wagon, too.  I am trying to not beat myself up.  So many good things have happened.  I shall try to only hit on the highlights or else this particular entry will be like reading a 600 page novel!

Our Family

This is what I started on that day:

We are doing it!  We are actually doing it!  We are having a family get together on this particular holiday weekend.  This happens to be the same weekend my father said, “See you this weekend!”  The weekend lasted for 23 YEARS (click here for Part 2 , Part 3 and Part 4).  Here we are 38 years later . . . Actually getting together as a family.  My three sisters, sister-in-law and I met for breakfast this morning and planned it out.

This is a monumental deal for us!  I cannot remember the five of us and MoM ever getting together on this particular weekend.  I guess with Dad being gone five years now, my siblings and I must be finally letting go of the negativity we feel surrounding this particular holiday weekend.

It turned out to be an absolutely wonderful weekend!  The only one missing was my brother. He is a truck driver and it is the downside of that particular career field.  He was being repped by his wife and youngest daughter, so it was all good.

We went down to my parents’ lake property for the gathering (Day 174).  I feel it was the best decision ever!  The property has pretty much been neglected since my father passed away in 2011.  My youngest sister and her husband have been going down every two weeks to cut the grass but that is about all the maintenance which has been done.  The bugs have tried taken the trailer over.  There is a musty, mildewy smell which permeates all throughout the building.  Suffice it to say, we did not spend any time on the inside.

Everyone brought something for the cookout.  I discovered the joys of the paddle boat!  So, whilst the rest of my family was doing the cooking and food prep, I went out onto the lake with the paddle boat.  I spent almost the entire day out on the water!  If I wasn’t with two of my sisters, I was with my nieces.

Now, there a few interesting things about this paddle boat.  It is a four-seater.  Max weight capacity is 550 pounds (250kg).  When one sits in it, the butt is guaranteed to get wet.  If the max weight capacity is exceeded, it does not sink.  However, it does refuse to turn to the right!  We discovered this the hard way.

I have discussed my weight.  I am 217.8 (current as of 26 July 2016, according to the doctor’s scale).  My nieces are not small, either.  My baby sister is the smallest at like 135.  My other two sisters are very close to me in weight.  I would say within 20 pounds either way (up or down).  My children are the smallest weight-wise in my family.  My daughter is the tiniest at 82 pounds soppin’ wet.

Well anyway . . . Three of my nieces and I went out on the paddle boat.  My 16-year-old niece weighs at least 210.  My 11-year-old niece weighs at least 185 (she’s 5’7″ already!).  My 23-year-old niece is about 165.  All four of us on the paddle boat exceeded the max weight by at least 225 pounds!  No damn wonder it refused to go to the right!

At first, I couldn’t figure out what was going on.  Then it dawned on me.  I said nothing to my nieces, though.  They already have enough of a complex about their weight.  I am not about to add to it.  My 23-year-old niece just laughed about it when I said something to her.  What else can we do?  The main thing is we had a blast!

So . . . We (my husband and I) have been going down to the lake every weekend.  We are working on cleaning it up and making it so at some point, we will be able to go down there and just hang out.  We are working on getting rid of the weeds and lily pads that have taken over.  Here is a comparison photo of the “before” (we had just gotten started) and the “after” of our first day:

It will take some doing, but it will happen.  It has taken over six years for it to become this bad.  The weeds and lily pads will not be put in check in a matter of a couple of weekends.  (Just like my weight . . . allowed to go unchecked for years.  Only now am I taking steps to correct it).

In August, I spent two weeks in Florida sitting for my grand fur-babies, MOtis, Zoey and our newest addition, Charlie.


Now here I am on Day 266 and pretty much at the same place I was on Day 1.

(I am posting this on Day 386 of the Year of My New Beginning / Day 30 of the Year of My Continuing Transformation.  So much more has happened!  I will be breaking them into even smaller chunks.  Hopefully, I will be able to get caught up!)


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