Day 285 – Dawn of a New Day

This was taken on my last Monday in Jacksonville, FL (29 August 2016). It was one of over 100 pictures I took that morning.  I loved how the sun hit the clouds, the waves rolled up onto the beach and the wind blowing hard enough to wipe things clean.  

That morning, I sat on Jacksonville Beach at 6th Avenue South thinking about nothing. I sat there listening to the waves crash.  I sat there watching the ever changing colors of the clouds as the sun rose. 

It was the dawn of a new day. I started that day with a fresh start. That’s what happened today . . . I started it with a fresh start 

I am not completely out of my dark, twisty space yet. However, I am slowly making my way out of it. 

I am going to chalk this up as one hellaciously horrid week. Shitty times happen to all of us.  It is all in how we handle them.  If we sit around playing the “Woe Is Me” game, we will not be able to drag ourselves out of our dark and twisty spaces.  

I was able to get a 3.5ish mile walk with the Pups before putting in an 11-hour day. I was able to get to a good space before facing a very hectic Friday.  Two wins right there!

I am thankful for waking up this morning and being given the dawn of a new day – a fresh start.   I know we are not promised a tomorrow.  

Before going to sleep, I share my positive thought for today:


3 thoughts on “Day 285 – Dawn of a New Day

  1. Hi Patti. It’s good to see you blogging again! The struggle is hard. I face it every day. I’ve learned from my counselor to tell the truth about myself and nothing more. I am obese. I am also kind, compassionate, love my family, and work hard. I sense you have qualities that make you the awesome person you are. Name them, and be proud of them. My counselor also reminded me that I’ve done hard work before (Marine Corps) and somewhere inside of me is one who knows how to live with purpose. I began reciting throughout much of my day, “I choose to live life through the tenacity of my heart.” It’s helping. I also started saying, “Body, I give you permission to let go of the fat.” It sounds silly, but it’s helping. I don’t lose weight easily or quickly and can relate to your struggle. No matter how fast or slow or even if I lose weight, I am a loved and valuable human being. As are you. All the best to you and your family on this “Dawn of a New Day” for you. Semper Fi.

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    • Hi, Fred! I have struggled with my weight for my entire life. As an Active Duty Marine, I lived in terror of the damn scale! I dreaded PFTs because I knew it meant I had to weigh-in. Even after getting the alternate weight, I still had issues. And yes, being a Marine is hard work! We EARNED that title through our blood, sweat and MANY (at least for me) tears!

      I am working on my issues. Blogging is putting myself out there. Here, I can actually say what I am thinking and what I am feeling. It is so much easier for me to put my thoughts and feelings in writing rather than expressing them verbally.

      It is very frustrating for me because I do not lose weight easily. I never have. Sure, I could do the whole Ex-Lax thing (which I used to do right before the damn PFTs) or some other “quick” weight loss fad. However, it is not healthy nor is it sustainable.

      Therein lies my problem . . . a SUSTAINABLE eating plan and workout plan. It is more so the eating plan. Working out or some form of exercise, I seem not to have as much of a problem with.

      Knowing I have a Brother – You – who absolutely understands where I am coming from and my daily struggles helps more than you will ever know!

      Semper Fi!

      ❤ ❤

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      • Well said, Sister! I dreaded the scale and PFT too. Was so glad to have it behind me but now I’m realizing it provided some accountability that I probably needed. Blogging, I’ve found, is an effective way to do just what you said. Plus, I enjoy writing and it appears you do too. As for sustainability, I’ve struggled with that too. I finally had to go to counseling and then get a fitness and nutrition coach to help me past my hurdles. I’m finally on a path that, while still hard work, feels like a sustainable way of living for me and I’m slowly seeing results. I hope you find your sustainable path soon because I know it’s different for everyone. Hang in there, keep up the good fight one day at a time, and all the very best to you!

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