Days 286 and 287 – Where Has The Weekend Gone?


This weekend has seemed to fly by!  Tonight is the Season 7 Premiere of “The Walking Dead” and I cannot wait!  Anyway . . .

Yesterday was Day 286 – Saturday.  I got up and took the pups for a 4.5 mile walk (7.24205 km).  When I got home, the hubby and I drove down to the lake.  We have not been down there for over a month.  We wanted to see how things were and if Mother Nature was fighting to take control again.  We were pleasantly surprised and very happy to see she had not!

Top Picture is from 9 July 2016. The bottom was taken on 22 October 2016.

When we left from the lake, we showered and then went out to dinner.  We were going to go to the Outback, but it was a 40 minute wait.  Neither of us wanted to wait that long.  So, we went across the street to T.G.I.Friday’s.  It was an awesome decision!

I am not much of a meat eater.  I much prefer my veggies.  However, I was in the mood for a steak.  I had the Jack Daniels Flat Iron Steak, broccoli and tomato-mozzarella salad.  It was divine!  The hubby had the Jack Daniels Ribs and Shrimp and enjoyed every bite.  It turned out to be a fantastic date night!

I have been utilizing an app called Running for Weight Loss:  Interval Training by Grinasys Corp.  I had thought I could start running again.  After the first week, I found out I am not yet ready for that.  There is an option to walk for weight loss and I have been using that.  I hope I will one day be able to use the running portion.  For now, I will continue to walk.

Today, Day 287, was a scheduled Rest Day.  Because it was a warm day, I had to cut the walk short.  The pups were getting too hot.  When we got home, I went out and cut the grass.  It ended up being 6.91 miles (11.12057 km).  It explains why I was so bloody tired when finished!

I am also thinking about re-joining Weight Watchers.  If I do, I will do the Online Plus Meetings.  I know I need more accountability where the food is concerned.  If I do Online only, it would be too easy to not account for everything.  If I don’t feel like getting on the scale and logging my weight, I won’t.

I am hesitant to join, though.  I do not want it to be a situation where I am paying for something and just never bothering to use it.  I cannot financially afford to do something like that.  I need to know I will be committed to attending the meetings and logging everything.

I would love to be at or just under 200 by the 6th of November.  Unfortunately, it is not possible or realistic.  I am going to San Diego to attend the Marine Corps Boot Camp Graduation of my mom’s best friend’s grandson.  I will be seeing my girlfriend, a Retired Master Sergeant.  She’s 57, still runs and looks absolutely amazing!

It is so hard to not compare myself to others.  Logically, I know everyone is different.  However, the part of me who is insecure with myself, cannot seem to help it.  No two people lose weight, gain weight or maintain weight the same way.  No matter how hard I try, I still wind up comparing myself to others.  This is going to be a work-in-progress for quite some time.

These past two days have been good.  I have had a couple of dark and twisty moments.  They just have not lasted as long.  Not going to the dark and twisty place is a daily challenge.  It was one I failed at last week.  This is a new week.  Every day is a new day.

I am still on the Journey of My New Beginning . . .

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