Day 289 – For Me, Today is Mardi Gras


Today is Day 289.  It is Tuesday.  It feels like a Fat Tuesday for me.  Not a typical ‘festival’ Fat Tuesday.  Just FAT.

It started off wonderfully.  I got up, took the dogs for a 4.5 mile (7.242 km) walk today.  I came home, ran the vacuum, jumped in the shower and headed out the door to DressBarn.  I needed to get a jacket suitable for the cooler weather that would look decent with the dress I am wearing to a friend’s wedding on Friday evening.  I have winter coats and jackets which go well with jeans.  I do not have lightweight coats for late fall temperatures.

When I was done there, I called one of my co-workers to see if anyone needed anything from that area.  As it was close to lunch time, they (the rest of my teammates) wanted Five Guys.  So, off to Five Guys I went.  I had their Little Bacon Burger and a Regular Cajun Fry.  It was delicious!  I did give away most of my fries, though.  They screwed up the order and failed to give me an order of Cajun Fries.  So, the person missing the fries got most of mine and 1/3 of one of my other teammate’s.  (He had A LOT in his bag!)

For dinner tonight, I decided I wanted to have some sort of comfort food.  I heated up a family sized can of Chicken Broth and then made an entire package of Delallo Acini Di Pepe pasta.  I have enough left over for lunch and dinner on Wednesday, Thursday and lunch on Friday!  Those little things sure do take up a lot of room in the stomach!

The slacks I wore to work today have tremendous back-gap.  I have that issue with all of my jeans and slacks.  If I can get them over my hips, they do not fit me in the waist.  If they fit in the waist, they will not go up over my hips.  Being a Pear Shape definitely has its disadvantages.

I am not going to beat myself up for my food choices today.  Tomorrow is a new day.  I know lunch and dinner are 470 calories each.  Breakfast is 330 calories.  Without any exercise bonus calories to burn, it still leaves me with 130 calories for a snack.  I am a work in progress.

I am working really hard to stay away from the “All or Nothing” thought process which derails me every. single. time.  I am working on positive self-talk – at least in this area.  It is important for me to not try and change everything all at once.

The forecast is calling for rain tomorrow.  I am really hoping it holds off long enough for me to be able to walk the pups.  My backup plan is to bust out my Zumba DVD and attempt to learn it.  I will also jump on the elliptical for 20 minutes to get a decent cardio workout in.


My positive thought for the day:

There Is No Such Thing


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