Day 290 – What the Hell Wednesday


Well . . . So much for getting to bed by 2230.  Here I am an hour later still in front of the computer.  Today, Day 290, has been a roller coaster.  It was raining. (Coaster down.)  I got sucked into watching Constantine with Keanu Reeves.  (Coaster leveled.)  Took the pups for a quick, 1.5 mile (2.41402 km) jog/walk before work.  (Coaster up.)  Did not have the chance to eat lunch.  Wound up getting a pop tart and cooked salami sticks from the vending machine and some Ritz crackers from one of my co-workers.  (Coaster down.)  Come home and heated up portioned out leftovers.  (Coaster up.)  Computer chair decided it wanted to be a Tilt-A-Whirl or to do the ‘Gangsta Lean’.  (Coaster down.)  Got sucked into a black hole of posts on a website.  (Coaster down.)  Tried to sign up for Meetings+ on the Weight Watchers site but their server is down.  (Coaster down.)   It’s still raining outside.  (Coaster down only because the temperature is a whopping 44! 😉 )

I’m still waiting for the Coaster to start heading back up!

I guess today was not a total loss.  I may not have worked out . . . again, but I did manage to do more jogging than walking today.  The only reason we even walked was because I noticed Honey was limping.  Otherwise, I would have been able to jog the whole of it!

Tomorrow is Measurements Day.  I am not expecting drastic or major changes.  I have not been as rigid with the food intake as I was when I first started in January.  I am cautious but not rigid.  I am also not working out and walking consistently – only walking.  I am going to make the lifestyle changes a little slower.  I am still searching for my soulmate lifestyle (food and exercise combined).  I WILL find it.

Slow and Steady!

Focus on Losing


4 thoughts on “Day 290 – What the Hell Wednesday

  1. I’m with you! My coaster has been on a steady down for a while…not eating right, not exercising…. I need to level this out too! Ugh!

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    • It WILL happen! Positive thoughts net positive results! Find one small thing you know you will be able to change. One small change you know you can change. Once you have a handle on that, find a new small thing. It is all about BABY STEPS!

      YOU CAN DO IT! BELIEVE! You are not alone! You are NEVER alone!

      ❤ ❤

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