Day 291 (Continued) – Little Wins

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So this morning, I put my measurements out there.  After making that post, I took the pups for our daily walk.  I was able to (slow) jog for one mile straight of our 4.09 mile (6.582217 km)!  I have not been able to do that in a MEGA LONG time!  There was no walking during that little ol’ mile!

I have come a long way in a short amount of time.  I am pushing myself, but not pushing myself too hard that if something comes along it is going to derail me.  I joined Weight Watchers and am starting to use the Online Tools.  I will go to my first meeting on Saturday.  If I cannot make that one, then I will make the one on Wednesday.  (Making sure I have a backup plan.)

MEASUREMENT 19-Jan-16 27-Oct-16 DIFFERENCE +/-
Upper Chest 37 36.75 0.25
Bust 39 38 1
Midriff 34 32.75 1.25
Upper Arm 14 13.50 .50
Waist 36.5 33.75 2.75
Upper Hip 50.25 45.50 4.75
Lower Hip 51 48 3
Upper Thigh 31 29.75 1.25
Mid-Thigh 27 26 1
Calf 17 17 0
WEIGHT 219.6 215.2 4.4

Here we are at the end of October.  I “officially” began this journey on 11 January 2016.  These numbers would be much better if I had actually applied myself even more.  However, I did not.  So I own these numbers.  I did not lose a lot.  I did lose and that is what counts.  I am headed in the right direction!

I am going to gather even more tools to keep in my arsenal and use as needed.  I am going to fight hard to lose 89.2 pounds.  I CAN do it.  I WILL do it!  As I gather the tools and learn how to use them, I will share what works and what doesn’t.

I am a Carb-oholic.  I refuse to give them up.  I discovered Weight Watchers has Portion Plate recipes for single servings!  I may just take up utilizing my kitchen yet!

Slow but Steady!



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