Day 2 (But Really Day 297) – Something You Feel Strongly About


There are so many things I feel strongly about.  It is hard to limit myself to just one thing.

  • I feel people should not have animals as pets if they cannot or do not think of them as family members.
  • I feel those who abuse animals should receive the same treatment as they mete out to the animals they abuse.
  • I feel American prisons are overcrowded.  Prisons are not used what they were originally intended for.
  • I feel if a person winds up in prison more than twice, their life is forfeit.  This would solve the overcrowding problem.
  • I feel there should never be a “Life in Prison” sentence . . . Especially for murderers and child molesters.
  • I feel when a person who gets pulled over and arrested for driving while intoxicated / driving under the influence, this represents the one time he/she got caught.  How many times did that person drive like that before getting caught?  It is one thing for him/her to take his/her life into his/her own hands.  It is a whole other ball of wax when they risk the lives of my family and friends.

My list could go on and on; for brevity, I will keep it short.


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