Day 297 – Whirlwind Wednesday


Today is Day 297.  It feels like it has been non-stop for me.  I never got up early as planned.  I did not go to bed early as planned.  I was held up fighting with my damn printer.  I.  HATE.  PRINTERS!!!!  The printer still is not printing.  However, it is not the printer, it is the computer refusing to “see” the printer.

The pups and I were able to get a super quick walk in this morning.  It was still dark but not midnight-dark.  I was also able to get all my errands completed.  Only four days left to get everything set for my trip to San Diego.  Friday is going to be super busy!

Anyway, this is going to be super quick.  I am tired and actually want to go to bed.  I am getting up early to take the pups for their walk and then, hopefully, will make it over to see my childhood best friend’s grandson.  She may not be of this Earth any longer, but Auntie Patti is.  I plan to be a part of her kids’ lives for as long as they can stand to have me around!

Ok . . .Time to shut off all electronic devices.

I Am Strong



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