Day 358 (and Day 3) – Grumpy!

Well,I was able to walk the pups. I did not workout like I was going ton, though.  Sugar was out of whack.  By the time I got it straightened out, it was time for work. 😒

Last night, I received a text from a person I know.  She and I go back to 1999ish.  I pretty much raised her daughter until she got her head screwed on straight.  Well, over the past, I don’t know, maybe 8-10 years, she has gotten to the point of only contacting me if she needs something.  Typically, it is money. Hell, she still owes me $60 from September-ish.  

Normally, this does not bother me – the whole contacting me only when she needs something. I really cannot say why her simple request bothers me so much. It just does.  Her request?  To borrow a workout DVD (or DVDs). Simple, yes?  She knows I have a ton of them. 

She needs one that does not require getting down on the floor to do floor work because she had back surgery.  So, I get that.  What I don’t understand is why in the hell she cannot spend $8 friggin’ dollars and buys one for herself instead of asking to borrow one of mine so she can burn it!   I paid for all of my DVDs. Every. Last. One. Of. Them.  

She has a Big Girl Job now. I have not asked her for the $60. I know I will get it back eventually.  But damn!  Instead of spending money on frivolous Shit, save your money so you CAN buy a workout DVD!  

I have worked for everything I have gotten. When I was a single parent raising three kids, I did not receive public assistance.  I worked two jobs so I would not have to. I stayed home with my kids and didn’t take a whole hell of a lot of “Me Time”.  I did not act like my poverty status was a fashion statement.  

Do not get me wrong, I love her dearly. I am just sick and tired of the bullshit.  

UGH! I can tell I have had a not-so-food day! I am in MAJOR grump mode.  However, I do feel better for actually speaking about this “outloud” instead of just keeping it bottled up.  

Time to hit the rack if I want to get at least six hours of sleep. Tomorrow is a new day!


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