Day 359 (and Day 4) – Wednesday Already!

Here is something I “borrowed” from my Weight Watchers Leader’s Facebook Page:

By Valentine’s Day I’d be 7 lbs. lighter! 

I’m loving it!!
By St. Patrick’s Day I’d be 11 lbs. lighter! 

With the Luck O’ the Irish I’ll make my goal. 
By Easter I’d be 16 lbs. lighter! 

I’d be a cuter bunny. 
By Memorial Day I’d be 22 lbs. lighter! 

What a memory that would make. 
By Flag Day I’d be 24 lbs. lighter! 

I’d wave my flag proudly then. 
By Independence Day I’d be 27 lbs. lighter! 

That’s quite a declaration of independence from overeating! 
By Labor Day I’d be 36 lbs. lighter! 

What a wonderful reward for all my hard work. 
By Columbus Day I’d be 41 lbs. lighter! 

What a joy to discover what I can do. 
By Halloween I’d be 44 lbs. lighter! 

I would know I had more than a ghost of a chance. 
By Thanksgiving I’d be 47 lbs. lighter! 

I’d have so much to be thankful for. 
By Christmas Eve I’d be 51 lbs. lighter! 

Talk about being merry. 
By New Year’s Eve I’d be 52 lbs. lighter! 

It’s not just a new year, it’s a new ME!!

After reading that and letting it sink in for a moment, I realized it is absolutely doable. 

So, my main goal for 2017 is to lose one (1) pound (.454 kg) each week.  If I lose more, great.  If I lose less or not at all, it means I need to work harder.  I have the tools. It is a matter of implementing them.  


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