Days 363 through 367 (and Days 7 through 11) – Day Are Flying By . . . Again


We are 11 days into the New Year. Eleven days! Time has picked up speed for me. There are still not enough hours in a day to accomplish the million and one things needing to be completed.

One of my resolutions for 2017 is to track EVERYTHING I am eating. It may not always make it into the app on my phone but it does make it into my handwritten journal. So far, what I have written has not been too terribly horrible.

By me actually writing everything down, I have noticed I am much more aware of just how much I am eating. The Weight Watchers App is great for figuring out the points. The problem is once I put my phone down, it is more or less “out of sight; out of mind”. I am aware of the points and how much I have eaten but it is not *there*. The written journal is readily available. It is a physical, “in my face” visual of my Daily food intake.

For me, I need that accountability. The same thing with Meetings. I need to attend them. Knowing I have to get on the scale each week is a constant reminder I cannot continue to eat as I used to or want to.

The last week of 2016 was horrendous food-wise for me. I gained four pounds. FOUR. BLASTED. POUNDS! I ate craptastically. I failed to move as much as I normally do. I failed to track. I went to my meeting on Saturday, 31 December and weighed in knowing I had a gain. I owned it. But . . .

I did NOT let that massive gain throw me off or deter me. So many times in the past I have just said, “Oh to hell with it! Might as well stop. I will NEVER lose the weight. There is no point in continuing when all I am going to do is fail!” (There were many other things, but these were the most common.)

This time was different. 2016 was the Year of My New Beginning. 2017 is the Year of My Continuing Transformation. I realized I cannot (and will not) let a number on the scale dictate my success. It is only a number.

What does indicate success to me? Trying on my Mother-of-the-Bride dress I wore to my daughter’s wedding in August 2015 and discovering it is loose on me.

What does indicate success to me? Wearing a dress on Christmas Eve that I bought for a friend’s wedding on 28 October 2016 (the day after I joined Weight Watchers) and having it fit better than on the day of the wedding.

What does indicate success to me? Buying a pair of size 16W slacks to use as an incentive to push just a little harder only to try them on and have them fit fantastically!

I am not losing weight as quickly as I want. My losses are not huge. They are usually about one pound-ish. But it’s ok. A loss is a loss. Little losses add up. Before I know it, they will total a big number.

2017 is the Year of My Continuing Transformation

Even If You Can't Physically See


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