Personalization and Common Courtesy

In this day and age, it appears personalization and common courtesy are things from a bygone era. People are all about instant gratification and instant communication . . . Unless responding to an invitation.  Seriously, can someone please tell me why it appears to be so friggin’ difficult to pick up the damn phone, send a bloody email or text or even drop a notecard/postcard in the snail mail stating whether or not you will be in attendance at a damn baby shower.  

This holds true for family, too.  I had to friggin’ send a damn text to find out if (two of) my sisters or nieces will be in attendance. Forget the stepdaughter or stepdaughter-in-law.  I never expected them to show up.  One is newly single and is trying to get her life back on track. The other one? Well, I am not worthy of anything from her.  

Oh and then there’s the whole she’s pregnant with a girl.  I feel sorry for her husband and their two sons.  Now that she has what she wants, the other three will be kicked to the curb. Mark my words.  She’s all about herself and what she wants.  She really doesn’t engage with her children. The stepson does.  

Whatever.   Not my monkey. Not my circus.  

I am over it.  People will either show up or they won’t.  The most important ones have already responded and are coming.  

Two tears in a bucket. Fuck it. 


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