Day 15 – Tell Me: How Are You Like Your Ma/Pa?

Day 15 - How Are You Like Your Mom or Dad

I am like my father with my quick temper.

I am like my mother in that I am loving and forgiving (most of the time).  I put others first 98% of the time.


Day 14 – Memories: Been To Any Concerts?

Day 14 - Been to Any Concerts

I went to one as a teenager.  Only problem?  I don’t remember if it was Rick Springfield or someone else!  (My teenage years are a little blurry for me!)

I went to one when I was stationed in Japan.  It was a USO Show.  The headliners were Randy Travis and Patty Loveless.  I am not a country fan.  However, when stationed overseas or deployed, almost any kind of music represents a taste of home.

I took my oldest two children to see The Backstreet Boys in November 2000.

Other than that, I do not go.  I prefer to listen to CDs, MP3s or XM Radio.

Day 12 – Share: Your Bucket List

Day 12 Your Bucket List

To be honest, I do not have one started.  I have a few things I could throw on one.  I just have never started one.

Here are a few things right off the top of my head.  They are not in any particular order.

  1. Earn at least two certifications before 53
  2. Visit Scotland
  3. Visit Japan
  4. Visit Australia
  5. Spend one month hanging with Jenn
  6. Help at least one person with my blog