Brain Cell Killing Television Shows

So . . . My hubby went to bed last night and left the television on. Anyone who knows me knows if it is on, I will watch it. It doesn’t matter what is on. I get sucked in. It was no different this time.

Channel surfing, I came across the tail end of “Fifty Shades of Grey”. There was like six minutes left. When it was over, the next show came on. I didn’t bother changing the channel because I was just too lazy. Not going to lie. It would take too much energy to operate the remote.

This next show has been on air for 10 years. This was the first time I had ever seen it. It’s about a family. This family is about as far removed from the real world as they could possibly be.

I was not missing anything. Not. One. Damn. Thing. I got sucked in. I had to see what in the hell could possibly be of interest. Know what I found? ‘Reality TV’ is not about real life. It showcases famous people who really have never had to work a day in their lives.

They live in homes which cost more money than the majority of us will even earn over the courses of our lifetimes. They walk around in furs. Do these dim witted women realize how many animals it takes to make just one of those coats?! Those poor animals!

I do not understand why anyone would want to ‘keep up’ with them. If the show was about a family with actual real struggles, it would be a different story.

How would these people handle the struggle of living paycheck to paycheck? How would these people handle opening the pantry cupboard to see what was left to throw together to make a decent dinner for the family of six, only to realize there was only a can of tuna and one box of Mac N’ Cheese. Nothing else to add to it to ‘bulk it up’. How would these people handle trying to figure out what utility bill to let slide for another month while playing catch up with one of the other ones?

I miss the days of MTV. I mean the REAL MTV. The one where it played videos 24/7. Hell, I miss the days of Facebook being a way to actually stay connected to family and friends. Those days were simple. Life was a struggle, sure. The thing is, though, it was enjoyable.

I feel like I killed many brain cells watching the show. I can truthfully say o am at peace with myself for choosing to keep the brain cell killing device off as much as possible. I have four shows I watch. Three are shown on Sundays. One is a Monday night show but is only on for the first half of the year. These shows do not have the 22 – 24 episode standard of regular networks. I like and prefer the shorter ones.

Oh well, that is my rant of the day.

I have decided to follow my Body Sculpting System for one month. It is one of The Firm’s systems. I am going to make a menu from “The Hungry Girl Diet” Book. I will eat the same foods Monday through Friday. Weekends are for enjoying time with the hubby. I don’t want to be stressing about calorie count or any other diet-related thing.

I am still taking baby steps. I am going to make teeny, subtle changes. This way, it is not such a shock to the system and I can turn it into a lifetime lifestyle change. It is imperative each change is something I know I will be able to maintain with ease for the rest of my life. I know me. If it isn’t, I will stop within a matter of a few (read: three or fewer) weeks.

If I can stop drinking carbonated beverages and stop smoking, I can AND will lose weight.

Positivity. We all need more of it in our lives . . .


Day 6 – Something for Your Kids to Know

Day 6 - Something For Your Kids To Know

My children know this as I have been telling them from the moment I knew of their existence:  I love them. I love them unconditionally.

I love them through good times.  I love them through bad times.  I love them when they are sweet.  I love them when they are assholes.

My love for them knows no bounds.

I am so proud of these three! They make my heart melt!

And Thus Is The Dawn Of A New Day

This is the sky view out of my patio door! It is going to be a gloriously beautiful day today! I had the best sleep last night. It was so good I did not want to get up this morning. I ended up over-sleeping. However, it was VERY worth it!

I have many things to accomplish this morning. Right now, though, just for these few precious moments, I want to savor the tranquility and peace I am feeling. It is simply the dogs, cats and I. Even my precious fur babies seem more calm and happy.

Yesterday, the pups had a mini panic attack. They saw the suitcase. Then my niece (who stays with them when I go out of town) came over. They became very depressed as I left for the airport. So when I got home, they were super excited to see me.

Even Student #1 seems to be in better spirits. He did not specifically say the whole situation with Student #2 bothered him. However, as a parent I picked up on the non-verbal cues. It is only going to get better for him.

Alright. I have savored the moment long enough. Time to get things accomplished.

I love sunrises . . .

Day 5 – Share: Best Advice You’ve Ever Got

It is hard to select just one thing. Over the years I have received some great advice from so many different people.

One that popped several times through the years is, “Life is too short.” These four words are so very true.

As a child, we think only in the here and now. We do not comprehend the fact each day is but a mere blip in the Cosmos. As a child, our childhood seems to drag on and on.

Yet when we become adults, we long for the simplistic days of our youth. We want to relive our youthful good days (definitely not the bad).

We need to cherish every moment because it could all be gone in the blink of an eye.

I Feel Like I Can Breathe Again

Breathe Again

Student #2 departed about five hours ago.  Once that plane was off the ground and I was leaving the Terminal, I felt as though a weight had been lifted and I could breathe again.  It is truly amazing how one individual can cause so much strain and tension.

Over the course of the last month, my eating was out-of-this-universe-out-of-control.  Stress eating morning, noon and night.  Poor choices even though I had the options for healthy ones.  I preferred to drown my sorrows in food rather than alcohol or drugs.  If I were a drinking person, I would have headed to the nearest bar once those wheels left the ground!

Truthfully, I feel terrible for his mother.  She is a single parent.  She works hard to provide for her son.  Not once did he think of the sacrifices she made in order to give him an amazing opportunity!  The only thing he could think of was himself.  Based upon what I saw of him during these past 37 days, I feel he will never change.  Sad.

I did make sure to send her an email letting her know what Student #2 shared with me.  I also shared with her what he said about how she would “literally kill” him and how a few minutes after that he said she would send him to a boarding school where they will beat him.  She replied he is in for a rude awakening upon his arrival home.  I hope she follows through!

With having the negativity removed from the home, I can focus once again on the positives in my life.  Student #1 is simply amazing!  He is such a gentle soul.  Wonderful sense of humor.  Very respectful.  Considerate.  Kind.

I am going to sit down and draft my new routine for eating and workouts.  I will post it here and a few places that are in my direct line of sight within my house.  No more excuses.  They have been allowed for too long.

I currently have one long-term goal.  It is to “Drop 80” by 2359 on 2 May 2018.  I will need to come up with a workable, sensible, doable lifestyle change.  No diets.  No special pills.  Just HARD WORK and DEDICATION will allow me to reach my goal.

Today is Day 632 on the Journey of My New Beginning / Continuing Transformation.  I have gained all of the inches and weight I have lost.  I know this.  I can feel it in the clothes I wear, the fact my feet ache more than ever and the fact my stomach is getting in my way when I bend over.

First New Baby Step:  Make my food and workout schedule through to the end of the year. I will account for the days I am going to have interruptions, such as visitors or Student #1 home.  It is going to be something which is absolutely easy to sustain for the rest of my life if necessary.

Even though I am exhausted, my creative juices are flowing.  Positivity is beginning to return!  Even though 2016 was a complete flop on this journey and the first three quarters of 2017 have been epic FAILS, I have not given up!

The First Step